The Agent2000 of Netelis is a travel trade-off system - a solution for the travel industry which is a complete platform where users, partners, suppliers and tourists conduct business and transactions with ease and convenience. Agent2000 facilitates closer partnerships, eases information exchange congestion and achieves high integration of business operation flow and e-commerce. Agent2000 enables online product development, purchasing, sales, group or individual reception.

The Agent2000 travel trade-off system is an integer solutions method which includes a suit of modularize design, adopting commix pattern with B/S and C/S and, open interface. The system consists of the following three parts:

  1. Agent2000 travel trade flat (B/S)
  2. Agent2000 travel commerce assistant (Frontdesk) (C/S)
  3. TAMIS (travel agency information management system) (B/S)
Its unique open and agile nature, and its modular design makes it possible to make practical adjustments according to the specific needs of different businesses, and redevelopment on existing modules; B/S module allows internet users to work and conduct business transactions long-distance by logging onto internet accounts, rendering time and distance no longer restrictive factors. Its open interface links it to ERP and enterprise portal websites, in cooperation with them.

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